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Acrylics Listings
DeLorge, Ann
Depicts the colors and sounds of New Orleans and the Bahamas.
Derek Lynch - lynchart
San Francisco artist working at Hunter's Point Shipyard.
Dion Macellari
Contains fantasy paintings, drawings, and murals of dancing women and posing men.
Dominique Gaultier
Au travers de son oeuvre, Dominique Gaultier évoque une Provence intense, lumineuse et resplendissante d'authenticité.
Don Chase
Don Chase is one of Canada's foremost Native artists. His use of three dimentional imagery, exsplosive colours and flowing contours will truly captivate you.
Donald G Enz
Acrylic/ink washes on museum board with brushed paint to enhance abstract images. Abstract, colorful, whimsical, satirical paintings.
Donald MacKenzie
Small selection of contemporary work by this Scottish colourist, including still lifes and Scottish landscapes. Includes introduction.
Doug Lew
Award-winning artist specializing in capturing motion, working in watercolors and acrylics.
Dreher, Damion
Dru Blair
Airbrush artist whose super-realistic images portray aviation and Star Trek images.
Du Xinjian
Chinese surrealist artist presents his oil and acrylic dreamscape paintings.
Dwyer, Nick
Nick Dwyer UK Artist - Original acrylic paintings
E. A. Regensburg
Art to inspire thought, feeling, and transformation.
Ekaterina More
Modern acrylic german painter.
Elisa Terranova
Sacred Heart Studios. A visual diary of self-portraits and paintings that combine classical, surreal and baroque styles.
Ellen Singletary
Presents poem-paintings of swimming pools, buildings, offices, and seasons.
Emily Cheek
Contemporary acrylic paintings of the Florida landscape.
Emily Roles
Gallery of pets and abstracts, with biographical information.
Emmy Houweling
Kentucky juried artist and guild member specializes in rural, country life paintings, many in primitive style.
Eric Rasmussen
Abstract artist using bold colors and fluid strokes to create surreal images.

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