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Artist Articles
Oil Paintings
Paintings tend to be the most beautiful creation of man, which has the power to exert a pull on the spectator [...]

History of Oil Paintings
Oil Paintings are the stuffs of a certain time and certain set, and art history of course tries to place these works in their superior setting [...]

Decorative Painting
You've probably been to houses that have a unique feel to them just because one of the walls in the living room had been done decoratively [...]

Decorative painting book a Teachable Art
Decorative painting is art from that utilize a variety of techniques and media to decorate functional and non-functional surface [...]

Portraits, What About It?
Portraits are photographs, sculptures, paintings or any artistic representation in which the person's expression and face is predominant. [...]

Whitney Museum of American Art
The Whitney Museum of American Art in New York recently selected architect Renzo Piano to design a new addition to its Marcel Breuer [...]

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - People - Robert Futernick replaces Steven A. Nash as Chair of the Conservation Department - Brief Article [...]

How to Take Better Portrait Photos
Portrait photos are very impressive. A good portrait can project so much emotions and feelings and captivate the viewer. [...]

Americans for the Arts announces merger
Americans for the Arts recently merged its operations with the Arts & Business Council, Inc. (A&BC). By combining its resources and programming initiatives with A&BC, Americans for the Arts will be able to more [...]

Art Canvas Prints as Interior Decoration
Interior decorations are a very important thing in any kind of environment. They add life to the environment. They are the ones responsible for setting the mood of the place. In view of that, it is of great importance that the kind of ambiance and style of decor to be put in your room or office should go well [...]

Art as an Investment
After property, Art is considered the most profitable avenue of investment by the "big boys", that's to say the fund managers and guardians of pensions [...]

Painting the Love Nest of Greta Garbo
I arrived in Italy with my head cocked to one side, my four tail feathers fluffed (a beautiful black plumage with silver tipping) and my rose-colored comb - all distinctive features of [...]

7 Ways to Market Your Art Online
As an artist you are creative by nature, which means the business aspects of marketing and selling may feel uncomfortable. Developing an online presence can help with the process. Each online activity creates [...]

Portrait Photography Tips
Photographing people is the most popular form of photography today. Everyone takes shots of family and friends, but the majority [...]

Why turn a photo into a painting?
If you've ever thought of making someone a wonderful surprise, then the Internet is the perfect place to find a multitude of ideas. The possibilities [...]

Portrait Artist
No matter how much art changes, there are some things that still same the same. Photography has eliminated the need for portraits, yet people [...]

An Introduction To Oil Paintings
Flemish painter Jan van Eyck (1390-1441) is credited as being the first painter to use the technique of oil painting in his work [...]

What Is Acrylic Art?
any of us have heard of acrylic art, but really have no idea what the medium is. Acrylics are actually water-based paints, meaning they can be mixed with water [...]

Illustrations & Computer Graphics
An illustration is a picture visualizing the information. Illustrations illustrate something. For most people they are not more than just beautiful pictures. But in fact an illustration is an addition to where it is necessary [...]

Pop Art
The painting of a house was created by Roy Lichtenstein, a foremost Pop artist, The work was designed as an optical illusion. The house was inverted; the point that seemed the nearest corner was actually the farthest from the viewer [...]