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B Listings
Bosman, Paul
Featuring prints and original paintings of the big cats of Africa, the magnificent seven elephants of the Kruger National Park, and other popular wildlife subjects.
Bosnack, Elisabeth
Brightly-colored abstracts, lanscapes, and still lifes.
Bossik, Ray
Offers limited-edition canvas prints of his digitally created paintings. Includes a biography and press kit.
Bostelle, Tom
A survey of work by this Pennsylvania artist.
Boughner, Elisa
Bold, colorful, and expressive still life oil paintings.
Bouman, Willemijn
Large and colorful paintings and woodblock prints in lyric abstract style.
Bouret, Pierre
Collection of plein air landscape paintings of Hawaii.
Bourguignon, Paul-Henri
Contains images of his work in pastel, graphite, gouche, and acrylic, an extensive discussion of his life and art, and an annotated timeline.
Bousfield, Duane
Futuristic abstraction with surreal undertows.
Boutilier, Luana (1937-2002)
Collection of artwork by Luana Milligan Boutilier includes acrylics, etchings, drawings, photographs, and poetry.
Boutwell, George
Texas artist's web site and online store.
Bowellan, Mikael
Portfolio of 3D rendered computer graphics, traditional drawings, and photography.
Bowie, David
On-line gallery of the best young artists today, sponsored by David Bowie.
Bowler, Joe
Portraits on gicl้e.
Bowman, George
Painter of New England scenes, landscapes, seascapes, and shoreline views of Cape Cod. Includes an artist's profile and gallery.
Bowman, Mike
Impressionist oil paintings of the Dordogne, Provence, Venice, Tuscany, and Umbria.
Bowman, Stan
Digital prints of computer scanned objects with unexpected juxtaposition. Abstract acrylic paintings with scanned objects printed on canvas & glued to the surface.
Bowser, Jonathon Earl
Mythology, fantasy, and landscape paintings.
Bowsley, Tina Marie
Painting is her way of touching her audience through color, light, and composition.
Boysen, Mary Ann
Featuring paintings from landscapes to still lifes, animals, etc. and travel journals.

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