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B Listings
Brown, Sam
A gallery of fine art,including metaphysical painting, abstract and human interpretations as well as a collection of hand-made cards, t-shirts and orginal alien imagea
Brown, Steve
Graphic design, fine art and illustrtating, photoigraphy and picture framing.
Brown, Teresa
Offers a gallery of impressionistic oils and watercolors.
Brownbill, John
Paints landscapes in watercolour, featuring coastlines, stone circles, valleys, and buildings.
Browne, Piers
Landscape paintings and etchings, childrens animation and musicals.
Browning, Janet
Creates sketches or paintings from photographs in charcoals, acrylics, watercolors, and oils.
Brudenell, Russell
Photography, mainly digital.
Brugui้re, Sather
Oil paintings and prints of landscapes and cities in different seasons. Also contains a list of recent exhibitions.
Bruin, Randolf
Dutch artist taking the female nude as his subject, experimenting with oils and mixed media.
Bruno, Clyde
Various types of original artwork from Paintings to interior decorations and from poems to books by Clyde Bruno.
Bruno, Frank
Specializes in religious, visionary, and apocalyptic art.
Brunow, Geza
Richly colored oils, watercolors, and mosaics inspired by the patinas of mediterranean.
Bruso, Mara
Creates narrative portraits in oil.
Bruvel, Gil
Featuring surrealist art prints and posters.
Bryan, Michael
Original paintings, serigraphs, monoprints, posters, and commissions.
Bryant, Michael Siarl
Paints equestrian and sports subjects.
Bucci, Thomas
Examples of the artist's work in watercolor, show schedule, and info.
Buchanan, Robert E.
Works with watercolor, oil, and acrylic.
Buckingham, Barbara
Framed art, black hand cut paper gates mounted on separate levels, catalog of work available.
Buckley, Claude
Gallery of murals, landscapes, and commissioned family portraits.

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