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C Listings
Chadra, Dennis
Representational visual artist and teacher, paints in oils. Specializing in landscapes, still life, portraits and figures.
Chadwick, David
Includes various subjects from landscapes of the Channel Islands.
Chaldakov, Nick
Gallery of abstract impressionism, and realism in black and white, portraits, travel, landscape and digital photography.
Chamber, Jerome W.
Oil paintings, including original artwork, prints, and sketches.
Chang, Steven
Seascape and ocean paintings.
Chang, Warren
California artist specializing in realism paintings of interiors, figures, and still life.
Chappell, Katy
Portfolio of portraits by this student studying at the Slade School of Fine Art, London.
Chappuis, Erica
Erotic paintings and illustrations.
Chapurlat, Aline
Contemporary oils on uniquely shaped panels.
Charman, Rodney
Offers work depicting the sea and ships.
Chartier, Jaq
Abstract paintings exploring science and art, how we view materials, and how the movement of materials.
Chase, Don
Modern artist whose sculptures and paintings show a deep spiritual emotion with intensity of color.
Chase, Laurie
Oils, watercolors, limited edition prints, and commissioned work combining realistic and detailed brushwork with an impressionist-influenced use of the palette knife.
Chatel, Loik
Gallery featuring portraits, pixies, and more.
Chawla, Kishore is a site for the infomation of Fineart.
Cheladyn, Larisa Sembaliuk
Exhibits watercolors and lithographs.
Chen, Danny Han-Lin
Contemporary painter blending his experience in traditional Chinese watercolor techniques with modern Western realism.
Cherry, Dave
Art in both digital (3DS MAX, Photoshop, Painter) and traditional media. Subject matter ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.
Chesler, Richard
Fantasies in Japanese tattoo art.
Chesnut, Fritz
Uses the mutated relationship of audience and performer as subjects for his works.

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