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F Listings
Filer, Jane Robinson
Visionary expressionist producing intense, detailed color acrylic paintings, intaglio prints, and mixed media sculpture.
Filici, Paco
Includes samples of the artist's work, biography, and a list of galleries where you can view his work.
Filippone, Basil
Original digital paintings.
Finch, Judy
Specializing in sculptural forms and portraiture.
Fink, David G.
Paints oil on canvas, in style with those of Edward Hopper and John Register.
Finsen, Mattias
Danish artist exhibiting abstract paintings in a Flash-based, computer-made gallery setting.
Fiore, Connie
Quadrapalegic mouth-painter shares her story and paintings.
Fiore, Peter M.
Features galleries of impressionistic landscape paintings, prints, and illustrations.
Fioretto, Giovanni
Features artwork and biography.
Firestone, R.W.
His depth of understanding of human nature is evident in all of his artistic endeavors. His personal experiences and international travels continue to have a powerful influence on his work.
Fish, Graham
Portfolio of the artist, of Devon, UK, whose oil paintings of the sea are powerful and spiritual, haunting and evocative.
Fisher, Anora C.
Canadian artist specializing in custom portraits of people, pets, and places.
Fisher, Linda G.
Presents visionary paintings, prints, and greeting cards of animals.
Fisher, Simon
Showcases an ongoing set of prints depicting many of the best known liners to serve the Atlantic route including the Titanic.
Fitch Jones, Jean
A pure abstract expressionistic artist expressing reflections using both Eastern sensitivity, the use of calligraphy brush strokes and Western movement of unmediated expression and boldness.
Fitchett, Andrew
Features bird illustrations, drawings, and paintings.
Fittipaldi, Lisa
Blind artist who specializes in watercolor, oil, and mixed media projects.
Fitzgerald, Ashley -
Ash Fitzgerald is a contemporary full-time painter and printmaker based in South London, specialising in abstract painting, collage and mono printing using oils, acrylic, pigments and raw materials on canvas.
Fitzpatrick, Lorraine
Photographs and realistic paintings of landscapes, florals, and animals.
Flanagan, Chris
Creates oil paintings featuring people and figures.

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