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H Listings
Hoffmann, Joan
Contains gallery and workshop news.
Hofreiter, Brenda
Original Plein Air Oil Paintings by artist Brenda Hofreiter.
Hoglund, Kris
Surreal pop art paintings in oil and acrylics.
Hohenlohe, Bo von
Bright colorful abstract expressionist painting and painted wood and steel sculpture.
Hohimer, RJ
Features jazz, blues, and dance prints and posters.
Hoile, Wendy
Specializes in expressionist style paintings.
Holba, H.H.
Diplaying oil and acrylic paintings.
Holbrook, Randall
Officail site.
Holdsworth, Anthony
Specializes in cityscapes. Offers classes in oil painting.
Holdway, John
Online portfolio of still lifes and landscapes.
Holehouse, Jim
Vivid watercolors from a Key West artist.
Holland, Natalie Radina
Norwegian figurative artist.
Holland, Walter
Includes biography, landscapes, seascapes, figuratives, and abstract work.
A Cape Cod artist working with oils or watercolors influenced by American artists and modern photography.
Hollebeek, Henk Martin
Features still lifes, landscapes, portraits, nudes, and fantasy art.
Hollick, Christopher
Features seascapes and landscapes. Also includes artist's bio.
Hollins, L.A.
Exhibits oil paintings in the following styles: primitive, distressed, impasto, fauve, textured, and female nude art.
Hollis, Mary
Personal interpretation of the traditional pictorial cards of the Tarot.
Holloway, Kent
Focuses on portraits and landscapes of the Coquille River.
Hollstein, Kurt
Contemporary non-objective style of random abstract painting, by a Washington State based painter.

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