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H Listings
Hibel, Edna
American artist Edna Hibel's home page.
Hickey, Matthew
Painting in style of realism, figurative, nudes, and contemporary art.
Hicks, Carol J.
Landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, and more. Painted using a wet on wet technique.
Higgins, Louis IV
Contemporary paintings; dreamlike quality which drifts and dances across the page.
Higham, Brian
Offers landscapes, portraits, and wildlife works.
James Gibson specifically, and inclusive of other highwaymen.
Hignett, Jimini
Nudes from a revolutionary perspective. Images, biography, and statement.
Higuchi, Seiji
Trained in the traditional orthodox sumi ink painting style (Nanga style).
Hilbert, Edward
Includes paintings, cartoons, children's decorations, and more from the Hungarian artist.
Hill, Alan
Shetland born artist specialising in watercolour and fine line ink drawing.
Hill, Barbara Willingham
Featuring views of Appalachian culture in pencil, watercolor, and oil renderings.
Hill, Brian
Features landscapes, nostalgia, football, and other sporting images.
Hill, Darrell
Featured artist at the Country Frame Shop Gallery.
Hilling, Cathy
Including paintings, drawings, works on paper, sculptures and more.
Hillios, Sonia R.
Time Line Studio presents the Star Trek, sci-fi, environmental art and illustration.
Hills, Steve
Original watercolor paintings of subjects in California, Florida, and Louisiana. Reproductions available with online ordering.
Hilton, Leslie
Watercolor portraits of intriguing faces from around the world.
Himmelstein, Shelley
Offering a modern minimalist vision of landscapes and cityscapes.
Hinds, Eric Anthony
Eric Anthony Hinds - His magnificent works are enlightening and bold, in opposition with his childhood memories of nuclear testing. Hinds refers to his paintings as Spiritual Weapons of Mass Construction.
Hinds, Rene
Found Object Sculpture, both whimsical and functional, that depicts living presences through the use of debris from American culture.

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