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K Listings
Kaunisto, Sandy
Featuring a biography and a gallery of western landscapes in pastel and oil.
Kavanagh, Paul
Gallery of works whose inspiration often comes from literary sources.
Kaydanov, Olga
Acrylic and gouache paintings containing vivid fantasies in rich colors.
Kazirelova, Natalia
Art gallery by Natalia. More than 200 artworks.
Kazos, Cindy
Acrylic paintings featuring people, nature, rich textures and shapes.
Keane, Meghan
Minnesota-born, New York-based artist working in oil on canvas and board, ranging in size from 3"x5" to 4'x10', exploring the univarsals of form in both representational and abstract works.
Keeling, David
Featuring figurative and expressionist paintings, drawings and prints.
Keenan, Kathy and Tom
Features the color saturated surrealist paintings and photographs.
Keene, Steve
Prolific artist who considers each piece a souvenir of a day.
Keirstead, James
Canadian landscape and heritage artist painting with knives and oils.
Wondering art/wandering art. Angel art, devil men, paintings, sculptures, drawings.
Kellahan, Jane
Features oil paintings from this contemporary artist from New Zealand.
Keller, Andreia
Brazilian artist continuing the tradition of her uncle, Guido Mondin.
Keller, Laura Alvarez
Collection by Swiss-born artist whose work is influenced by the German Expressionist Brucke movement.
Kelley Jr., Frank
Vibrant colors weave their way through original acrylic and oil paintings and lithographs.
Kelley, Joe Ray
The diverse paintings(patriotic, still life's, land/sea scapes, native american) of artist Joe Ray Kelley.
Kelly, Ivan
Plein air landscape oil paintings of Oregon and other western states.
Keltic Lady
Oils done on everything from canvas to skulls and saw blades, primarily of animals.
Kemp, Hugh
Features a selection of still life and landscape paintings.
Kemp, Paul
Offers watercolours of landscapes and glass design creations.

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