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L Listings
Lawrence, Jacob
Virtual archive and education center, news, his art and life, and related sites.
Lawrence, Jodie
Realist painter working primarily from photographs of old apartment buildings.
Lawrence, Kathryn
Includes oils, alkyds, acrylics, watercolors, and drawings.
Lawrence, Leitch
Silk screen prints and watercolors of New Zealand landscapes.
Lawrence, Rod
Offering wildlife paintings and prints, bronze sculptures, and more.
Layden, Douglas
Paintings in ink and watercolor on paper, including portraits and European locations.
Lazkovich, Ella
Exquisite uniquely designed gemstone necklaces and bracelets with a touch of glamor and elegance that change your look in an instant.
Le Goff, Michel
Oil on canvas paintings exploring the ambiguity of flesh and marble.
Le, Thiet Cuong
Features a biography, a gallery of minimalist paintings, and thoughts of the artist inspired by Buddhist study and life in Vietnam.
Leach, Wendy
Specialising in landscapes from around the world.
Leagjeld, Tracy
Oregon landscapes in monotype and oil-on-board.
Leahy, A Michael.
Combat paintings by an ex-marine.
Leal, Paco
Gallery of oil paintings including portraits of famous celebrities and models.
Leary, Tim
Collection of abstract paintings in acrylic on various surfaces.
Leavitt, Fred
Fine art b/w photography of the Wetlands and urban environment. Color digital photographic art of animals and the Seven Days of Creation.
Leavy, Anna Marie
View the gallery, visit other Irish art and culture related sites, and order paintings.
Leckett, Peter
Watercolours and pastels of the Ottawa valley.
Ledbetter, Emy
Original art and limited edition prints.
Leduc, Guy
Impressionist oil paintings.
Lee, Candace
Hawaii-based watercolorist specializing in paintings and prints that depict sea and land animals, both wild and domestic.

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