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M Listings
McCarthy, William
Painter of luminous, atmospheric and moody landscapes.
McCauley, Christopher
Features a gallery of figurative and landscape pastel paintings, exhibit information, and design portfolio.
McClancy, George
Postmodern portrait painting appropriating the classical tradition.
McClellan, Elise
Features mermaid paintings from this Gulf Coast artist.
McCloskey, Paul
Lrish figurative artist.
McCormack, David
Cornish seascapes and coastal scenes. Gouache, inks, and watercolours.
McCoy, Richard
Commercial artist and web designer doing freelance and commissioned works.
McCrea, Stephen
Including paintings, poems, and short short stories.
McCready, Benjamin
Acclaimed artist exhibits his portraits of distinguished statesmen, renowned educators, U.S. presidents, and other corporate leaders.
McCulloch, Monte J.
Offering limited edition prints and original works of boat scenes, rural landscapes, lighthouses, animals, and people.
McCullough, Val
Presents portraits, landscapes, and still lifes.
McCurry, Cyn
Paintings with sensual realism.
McDill, Wyatt
Focuses on ordinary objects, framing one simple aspect and allowing the viewer to supply the rest.
McDonald Smith, Paul
Includes a bibliography, listing exhibitions, and details of the 29th Presidency of the Victorian Artists Society.
McDonald, Brian
Gallery of naive and expressionistic mixed media portraits and illustrations exploring identity in contemporary culture.
McDonald, Eddy
Fine Art photographer, specializing in dance and performance photography.
McDonald, Marci
Work on the Wild Side.
McDonough, Mark
Abstract original oil paintings.
McFarland, Robert D.
Utah artist whose paintings range from landscape to still life.
McGann, Val
Marine and still life paintings. His luminous paintings of the seacoast have received widespread acclaim; his apples and pears in still life call to mind the sensuousness of Cezanne.

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