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Pieterman, Johanna
The fantasy and Celtic-myth-inspired (and Stevie Nicks-inspired) artist's own homepages, which include numerous online reproductions of her work.
Features ceramics and mosaics by Lou Moser and paintings by Gus Scott.
Pigott, Stephen
From abstract ideas about colors, mood, and composition to personal visions of people and feelings.
The art of Siva Pillay is a primitive theatre remarkable as much because of what is absent as what is present.
Contains bio and exhibition of works by this Mexican artist. Includes paintings of figures in abstract landscapes in ink and gouache on paper.
Pitre, John
A modern painter of fantasy and surrealism.
Pittman, Jeff
North Carolina-based artist. Features landscape, seascape, and cityscape paintings.
Piunno, Matthew
Painted by a red/green color blind artist. Ranges from abstract to photo-realistic.
Plam, Olga
Graduate of Moscow Stroganoff school, working in the classical realist tradition and specialising in still life and landscapes.
Platzer, Michael
Features oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings and computer generated art.
Pletcher, Paul Aaron
Wildlife, landscape, and abstract works created using watercolors, acrylics, charcoal, inks, and other media.
Pointier, Agnex
The artist Agnex Agnes Pointier creates rich and coloured abstract pictures which express what can only be represented as emotions and of abstract feelings.
Pojani, Ilir
Contemporary paintings and digital art. Archival limited edition prints. Numerous exhibitions and international contests in United States and Europe.
Poli, Nicoletta
Utilizes oil and specializes in pets.
Polito, Kay
Original watercolor and acrylic paintings, including landscapes and images of animals and birds.
Polk, Kay
Specializes in oil, pastel, and charcoal portraits characterized by a traditional, impressionistic style.
Pollard, Andee
Vibrant, emotional paintings in acrylics and oils, as well as sculpture in varying mediums. Most works are a combination of surrealism, abstraction, and pop-art.
Pollock, Bruce
Offers paintings conveying the connection between the material and the spiritual.
Polomis, Ted
Realist painter from Massachusetts specializing in still life oil paintings.
Polozov, Slava
Online portfolio of abstract, landscape, and still-life painting, and sculpture and graphic art.

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