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Y Listings
Yaki, Nancy
Alaskan artist who sells her work (prints, cards and originals) online.
Yang, Kristin
Works include images of food, flowers, and village scenes.
Yeates, Bill
Life,portraits,landscapes,prints a Western Australian artist,organises outback painting tours.
Geometric abstraction paintings, digital musings and ceramics.
Yoakum, Delmer J.
Gallery and store of exclusive artistic prints.
Yoder, Andy
Features the large works and public art portfolio of Brooklyn, NY based artist.
Yonaites, Heath
Offers explorations of personal mythology. Also includes short stories, digital manipulations.
Yong, Cao
Featuring a biography, artwork, and more.
Yost, E. Stanley
Original oil,acrylic paintings by West Virginia Mountaineer.Portraits,landscapes,wildlife,more.
Yotkov, Valentin
Valentin Yotkov seeks to revive the ancient techniques of chasing and repousse on jewelry and hollowware made in silver, copper and gold.
Young, Carol
Works in pastels, ceramics, and bronze.
Young, Caroline
Classical Chinese and Japanese art.
Young, Georgie
Capturing the interplay of light, time, weather, and season on the Scottish countryside.
Young, Patrick M.
Features contemporary art in the form of paintings, drawings, and prints.
Young, Russell
Anti-celebrity portraits,explore,glamour in dark,crime,fame,sex, drugs,rock'n'roll.
Your Gallery
Emerging artists, exhibits, paintings, illustration, watercolor and pastel.
Yu, Chit Fu
Contemporary oil paintings and Chinese ink and brush calligraphy.
Yuniardi, Nino
Oil paintings on wood panel, eerie and full of movement.
Yurov, Yuri Y.
Russian Academy-trained painter.
Yvonne's Art
Online gallery of the most recent artworks, featuring experiments in watercolors, oils, and acrylics.

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