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Abstract Expressionism Art

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Abstract Expressionism developed in the context of diverse, overlapping sources and inspirations. Abstract Expressionism’s physicality comes from explorations of inner turmoil and anxiety. Some of this distress came from exposure to the disturbing reports of horrors and pain endured during World War II. Some of the distress came from the threat of a nuclear holocaust as the Cold War heated up. Their unbridled approach to making art mirrored James Dean (1931-1955) in Rebel Without a Cause, contemporary jazz and the free verse of the Beat Generation poets, such as Allen Ginsberg (1926-1997) and Gary Snyder (born 1930).

Abstract Expressionism has in recent years gained huge popularity in the art world. Modern art continues at a pace to develop in new directions, separating art fans into those who prefer the more traditional art styles and those who find the more modern approaches fresher and innovative.

Abstract Expressionism can be divided into two tendencies: Action Painting (Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Tobey, Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell and Grace Hartigan, among many, many others) and Color Field Painting (Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Jules Olitski, Kenneth Noland and Adolph Gottlieb and so forth).

- Color Field Painting is part of the Abstract Expressionist family of artists. Color Field Painting is less about the process of making the work, which is at the heart of Action Painting. Color Field is about the tension created by overlapping and interacting areas of flat color. These areas of color can be amorphous or clearly geometric. This tension is the “action” or the content. It’s more subtle and cerebral than Action Painting.

- Action Painting emphasizes the process of making art, often through a variety of techniques that include dripping, dabbing, smearing, and even flinging paint on to the surface of the canvas. These energetic techniques depend on broad gestures directed by the artist’s sense of control interacting with chance or random occurrences

The expressiveness of this art method was believed to thoroughly release the imagination and ability of an abstract artist and therefore the thoughts and emotions behind each abstract expressionist painting were deemed as being just as important as the actual final painted work.

Abstract Paintings with Italian Artist

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Collecting paintings is one of the most hobby of collectors, nowadays. Particularly, collecting abstract paintings is loved and Mario Zampedroni is artist who is well-known on the world about this field. Attended Castello Sforzesco’s High School of Art in Milan, were he followed drawing and painting courses and distinguished himself being awarded many prizes. Until the end of 1970s he took part in painting competitions and won six times. He graduated in Graphics and advertising and studied architecture at Polytechnic in Milan. But first of all, let’s talk about abstract paintings.

Abstract paintings are unique and the most creative style of the paintings. Abstract Oil paintings have been the privilege of the people with high artistic sense. Abstract art paintings can be defined as an art that uses color and form in a non-representational way and it does not depict objects in the natural world. Abstract paintings were often claimed to capture something of the depicted objects’ immutable intrinsic qualities rather than its external appearance.

Abstract painters have the highest artistic sense.There have been many famous abstract painters. Their abstract art work has been greatly appreciated. Most of these abstract painters have produced their Abstract oil paintings on canvas. Picass is one of the most famous abstract painter. His abstract paintings are amongst the most popular abstract art paintings.Picass abstract paintings have earned him worldwide recognition.

Abstract art has deep roots in history. Non-objective art is not an invention of the twentieth century. As the depiction of human beings is not allowed in the Islamic religion, consequently the Islamic culture developed a high standard of decorative arts. Calligraphy is also a form of non-figurative art. Abstract designs have also existed in western culture in many contexts. However, Abstract art is distinct from pattern-making in design, since it draws on the distinction between decorative art and fine art, in which a painting is an object of thoughtful contemplation in its own right. There are also many large abstract paintings.

Contemporary abstract paintings also represent true form of the abstract art. Modern abstract paintings have successfully attracted the art lovers. Modern abstract oil Paintings are of various wonderful styles. These include abstract expressionist paintings, abstract landscape paintings, abstract still life painting and abstract flower paintings etc. The abstract acrylic art is also getting very popular. The abstract art artists are also reproducing colourful abstract art. Mario Zampedroni is among the contemporary abstract painters who works can be seen today.

The abstract art lovers decorate their homes and offices with these wonderful abstract oil paintings. Cheap abstract art is also available from the abstract art galleries. People can buy the cheap abstract paintings from the abstract art galleries. They can also buy the reproductions of the famous abstract paintings from these abstract art galleries.

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