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Expressionism Listings
Carmen Reyes
Presents figurative acrylic paintings, and etchings.
Catherine Parker
Paintings in gouache and watercolor, done in an expressive manner, using nature, music, and the city as inspiration.
Cecilia Betancourt
Collection of fauvist figurative, landscape and still life oil paintings.
Cleopas, Emilia
A Futurist's peception of the ionic spectrum. Ionic Futurism seeks to dismantle the shackles of symbolism and the paradox of duality.
Coggins, Shai
Bold, lively paintings with a unique style from this artist / psychologist / writer based in Asia.
Comnes, Barbara
This site is a showcase for my black and white photographic work, as well as a resource for photo buyers.
Dana Ellyn Kaufman
Urban paintings by full time Washington DC artist, Dana Ellyn Kaufman. No flowers, no whimsy - paintings with guts.
Daniel Mounsey
Images of colorful, shamanistic, psychedelic paintings by the New Zealand artist.
Daniel Stolpe
Expressionist paintings and monotypes of the relation between humans, animals, and primal energies.
Diane Tramblay
My style goes from expressionist - symbolism to fantasy and surrealism.
Diego Manuel! , Arte de Buenos Aires
Exhibition and sale of paintings of Diego Manuel Rodriguez, argentinean artist.
Doyle, Tim
A brand new artist for a brand new age, Tim Doyle (Skwibo) offers a sampling of his really fine art.
Eliana Moravia
Abstract oil paintings.
Elizabeth O'Neill
Portfolio of brightly colored figurative works. Includes a description of every painting.
Erik Formoe
This Norwegian painter presents his works on the net. Links to other Norwegian artists.
Erik Reel
Exhibiits work by Seattle-born artist, now living in California, with curriculum vitae.
Evans, Jessie Benton and Don Gray
Features Plein Aire Southwestern landscapes, still-lifes, figures in giclees, acrylics, pastels, watercolors, and more.
Fauve, Ramiro
Fauve Creations is known for pioneering the mega-murals in Los Angeles, such as the Nike murals, and for over ten years of high-quality graphic design.
Federico Correa
California-born chicano painter. Rooted in Expressionism the work is fueled by the artist's early domestic experiences.
Feleppa, Raymond
Collection of murals and illustrations done in acrylic or oil, depicting social, historic, and architectural themes by New York artist Raymond Feleppa.

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