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Fantasy & Sci-Fi
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Fantasy & Sci-Fi Listings
Syd Mead
The latest information on the artist, futurist, illustrator, and conceptual designer for such science fiction films as Blade Runner, Aliens and his books.
Tales of the Drow
Songs, poetry, and artwork.
The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists
Comprehensive resource of the genre.
The Big E Graphics
Colorful and Bold, 2D and 3D Fantasy Art by Erik Hilliker.
The Black Arts
Freelance fantasy illustrator. Includes artwork, biography, and resume.
The Lady's Fantasy Realm
Fantasy Art including Mermaids, Fairies, Betty Boop, Carousel Horses, Knights and art by Tom Cross.
The Lair
Gallery and information.
The Mind's Eye Gallery
Tattoo art, illustrations, paintings, digital paintings, photography, murals, and reproductions by David Bollt.
The Synthetic Dream Foundation
Dark fantasy art by gothic surrealist artist.
Theresa Brandon
Professional fantasy artist featured in children's book and magazines. Works and Resume.
Till Schurmann
Amon-Var, The Fantastic Gallery - Dark fantasy and science fiction art by the illustrator. Also includes some photos, logos, animation, and cartoons.
Tom Beldarr Bell
Original artwork in various media, available for download and desktop wallpapers.
Toni Art
An artist creating original Spray Paintings based on Astrological, Space and Planetary art. Wonderful unique designs created to explore our imaginations and fantasy's.
Tysha's Lair
Information on types, languages, myths and a gallery.
Venessa Sylvester
Illustrations of witches, faeries, and fantasy art. Print orders available.
Victoria Griffin Art
Fantasy artwork by artist Victoria S. Griffin. Featuring faeries, elves and mermaids.
Vivid Dreams
Fantasy art done in pencil, watercolors, and digitally by amateur artist Andrea Stewart. Includes fantasy creatures such as fairies, mermaids, dragons, and unicorns.
Wendi Strang-Frost
Fantasy illustrator. Includes a web log and graphic design resources.
Wes Benscoter
Online store and portfolio of his bizaare cover art and illustrations.
Wild Speculation
A gallery of wildlife, fantasy, spiritual, sci-fi and furry art by various talented artists.

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