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Fantasy & Sci-Fi
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Fantasy & Sci-Fi Listings
Luigi La Speranza
Oil paintings, drawings, and watercolours of the Viennese painter Luigi La Speranza.
Luis Royo
Features samples from his various art books, a biography, and insight into his art.
Luis Royo
An unofficial collection of the works of Luis Royo's.
Magyss Studios
Magyss Studios - Gallery of pencil, pen and ink, and CG-colored RPG character portraits, game character concept illustrations, fantasy images, and wildlife art. Originals and commissions are available.
Margaret Organ-Kean
Creates illustrations in watercolor or pen-and-ink for clients interested in science fiction, fantasy or children's illustration.
Maria J. William
A collection of fantasy, sci-fi, surrealism, and pinup art by Maria J. William, an artist/illustrator from New York City.
Mark A. Garlick
An on-line gallery of space art, science fiction art and surrealism.
Mark Bell
Artist's personal website. Biography, artwork and online store.
Mark Evans
Features an online portfolio, available prints, purchasing information, bio and contact information. Includes illustrations for collectible card games, comics and advertising campaigns.
Martina Pilcerova
Fantasy and science fiction illustrations, sculpture, comics and drawings by Martina Pilcerova.
Matt Stawicki
Science fiction and fantasy illustrations by Matt Stawicki.
Matthew Scott
Fantasy art from Matthew Scott, ranging from realistic to cartoon works.
Maurizio Manzieri
An electronic artist in the science fiction world.
McNicholas Art Gallery
Space and fantasy artwork, as well as poetry.
Meredith Dillman
A portfolio of watercolor and pen & ink fantasy art, featuring elves, fairies, mythological and children's illustration.
Michael Dashow
The digital art gallery of Michael Dashow, featuring science fiction and fantasy artwork.
Michael David Ward
Features fantasy, science fiction, space, wildlife and landscape illustrations.
Michael Parks Gallery of Magic Realism
Posters, canvas prints, stone lithographs, and sculpture.
Michael Whelan
A catalogue of over 250 images.
Classic fantasy art reproductions from T.S.R.Hobbies Dungeons&Dragons; artist illustrator Michael Fishel

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